The ScreenKing Soil Screener Will Make You More Money Than Any Other Equipment

Take the cost of a backhoe, loader, excavator, doesn’t matter which one.

If the cost of the backhoe is $60,000, what can be charged an hour by using that equipment. A backhoe may rent out with an operator at $85 per hour.

Using the Backhoe Example – 40 hours per week is $3400 per week is what the piece of equipment may bring in.

The ScreenKing Ultra – 40 hours per week operating- The Ultra’s capacity is rated at 150 yards per hour. Let’s say they were slow and only produced 100 yards per hour of topsoil. Now, regular topsoil, not enhanced with other ingredients, sells for around $15 to $20 dollars per yard. Let’s take the low number @ $15 per hour.

Calculation – 100yards/hr X $15 = $1500 per hour. So, $1500 X 40 = $60,000 per week in produced product.

The ScreenKing Ultra has to work only a little over two hours to produce the same income as the backhoe…Yes there are costs to operating the backhoe to feed the screener.

So let’s say we allocate the whole amount of $85 per hour the cost of screening.

The Calculation is this – If you can produce $1500/hr worth of topsoil that equals to 1500 divided by 60 minutes in an hour. That is $25 per minute. Take the cost of the backhoe at full rate of $85. $85 per hour divided by the $25 worth of topsoil produced means every 3.4 minutes the $ 85 per hour for the normal backhoe charge is paid for.

There is no piece of equipment  that can make you money faster than the ScreenKing Soil Screener.