ScreenKing Screening Equipment Testimonials – Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

My brother Dwight and I have been composting source-separated organics since the year 2000. Our major problem was contaminants in the organics. This year we purchased a ScreenKing Screening Equipment  and it’s doing a good job removing all of the fine plastic. We now have a product that’s aesthetically salable and more pleasing for us to put out into the marketplace.

We suspect this machine will pay for itself in the first year. It seems to be able to screen product with a 50% moisture content whereas our trommel screener we used in the past would plug up constantly. This is a great machine all around.

Robin Horsnell
Northridge Farms
Aylesford, NS

I bought a ScreenKing month and a half, two months ago and I really like the way it works. It’s a great piece of screening equipment with high production, low maintenance and it’s easy on fuel.

Trevor Sabine
Trevor Sabine Trucking
Weymouth, NS

We purchased the ScreenKing 3 years ago. It’s been totally reliable with low maintenance and it solves all of our screening problems.

Barry Bass
Nova Paving Ltd.
Bridgetown, NS

Kim Bourke From Tasmania, Australia

When the screen arrived in the summer months we found it even better than we expected. The screen is permanently in our quarry screening top coarse gravel, various sizes of pipe bedding rock, drain rock in several sizes, 50ml and 75ml base gravel.

We stock pile soil excavated from all jobs, the screen with a 5ml screen where we get a top quality top soil that we have no problem selling at a good price. We have screened mulch for the local council which they are really pleased with.

Once purchasing a variety of screen sizes there is no end to what product you can aquire and sell at a good profit.
I would have no problem recommending the screen titan ultra to any person interested in purchasing one. It has been the best investment our family business has purchased. I would have no problem with you giving my email address or more so my phone number to any one in Australia (or worldwide) who is interested in purchasing a screen titan.
I have nothing but praise for my screen titan ultra.

Yours Sincerely
Kim Bourke

We have a ScreenKing screen machine Mini and Ultra working at a nuclear power plant in Washington State USA. They are removing liners in ponds, screening the material
Framatome ANP Inc, France

This machine is a real work horse, from topsoil to drainage stone it works quickly and reliably !

Gordon White
GW Excavating
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Randy went with the ScreenKing screen machine because of design, easy to move into the mining area, and of course much lower price.

Zink mine in Yukon Canada

I purchased my ScreenKing in the spring and it’s just something you have to see in action to appreciate! 6 1/2 gallons of gas keeps my 2 yard excavator & 3 1/2 yard front end loader busy for 8 hr’s at a go!
Ed McCoy Aggregates, Fredericton NB.

I needed a screener that had the ability to screen Peat Bog; The Screen Titans 16? long screen bed did the trick !

Art King
King Earth Works
Portugal Cove, Newfoundland